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In collaboration with Vocational Rehabilitation, PASS has built Self Advocacy to provide young adults aged 14-21 with a training designed to assist in evaluating and communicate goals and making informed decisions about how to achieve them. During Self Advocacy, students are actively involved in setting employment goals, navigating self-disclosure, accessing accommodations, and building self-determination that lead to additional opportunities and increased personal satisfaction.

Work Based Learning Experience

Work Based Learning Experience (WBLE) is a Pre-Employment Training Service intended to assist students in exploring career paths and building the skills needed to obtain and maintain desired career employment. WBLE is time-limited and community-based, and occurs  where the workforce is diverse and inclusive.  The student participating in the WBLE interacts with individuals without disabilities to the same extent that potential co-workers in comparable positions interact with other persons.

A 20-hour course that prepares individuals for employment. Job seekers will learn valuable soft skills such as communication, teamwork,  work ethic, and self-confidence, as well as necessary job search techniques such as resume building, career exploration, and interview preparation that will give the job seeker a competitive edge in the job market.

Pre-Placement Training

Career Camp

A robust classroom training that takes place during the local school district's summer, fall, winter, and spring breaks and can be taken in lengths of either 20 hours, or 50 hours, depending on the needs of the student and the time period during which the class takes place. The course is designed to prepare transition students for successful careers through dynamic instruction of work readiness skill development, self-advocacy philosophies, career exploration, and work-based learning experiences, along with numerous other soft skills training lessons.

Teenager engaged in virtual learning
Young woman training for a new office job

Youth Transition Services

Work Desk

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