PASS is proud to partner with Vocational Rehabilitation to provide customized employment training and support to students through our PASS Career Camp.

Instructors Needed for Career Camp!

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What is the PASS Career Camp?

PASS Career Camp provides Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) to students with disabilities between the ages of 14-21 to aid in the transition from high school to post-secondary education, training, or employment. The PASS Career Camp rests heavily on the ideals that students with disabilities can do anything they set their mind to and are willing to work for, and that they should dream BIG. It is our goal for PASS Career Camp to help build a bridge to successful career paths through skill building and education in an inclusive, diverse, and opportunity-rich environment. To that end, the academy can involve the following elements:


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(Specific Dates Coming Soon)



*Summer, Spring, and Winter Career Camp dates will be posted soon. Please, check back for more up-to-date information.

Career Camp Training Topics


Job Exploration Counseling

Pass instructors will counsel students on the benefits of competitive integrated employment  and employment options.  With the help of career interest and  ability surveys, PASS instructors will assist students with career choices through the use of online job seeker sites, career fairs and guest presenters.

Postsecondary Educational Counseling

PASS instructors, job coaches and benefits advisors, along with a guest presenter or two, will counsel students on how to apply for postsecondary educational programs, transition programs, and how to file for financial aid and scholarship opportunities.

Workplace Readiness Training

Students will be given instruction centered around employability skills, social/interpersonal skills and independent living skills to prepare a student for life after high school. PASS will utilize local employers to share what they are searching for in an employee.

Work-based Learning Experiences

PASS will provide opportunities for informational interviews, job shadowing, and virtual industry tours to explore desired career paths and demonstrate work conduct. PASS will partner with businesses who are excited to mentor novice workers and future young professionals and show us what successful employment looks like on the job.

Self-Advocacy Training (SA)

PASS will provide instruction in self-awareness, disability disclosure, requesting accommodations, understanding rights and responsibilities, and self-determination to help prepare the student for adulthood and independence.

Program Length
  • Summer: 80 hours

  • Winter: 40 hours

  • Spring: 20 hours


PASS offers incentives for completing the Career Camp!

Message of Informed Choice

While PASS would be honored to serve you, we believe it is important to note that you have multiple options when choosing who to work with.  We are only one of the organizations that provide employment assistance and we would ask that you take time to choose which provider will best accommodate your needs and goals. Thank you for your consideration.

PASS Career Camp - Instructor Hiring Information

Check back soon for more information about becoming an instructor for PASS's Career Camp!


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