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Accessing opportunities. Presuming competency. Reducing stigma. Achieving equity. These are not just words at Progressive Abilities Support Services (PASS), but a philosophy that fuels our passion and informs our culture. They are the basis for everything we do, every decision we make, and every person we proudly serve. 

Founded in 2011 in Edgewater, Florida, PASS was built on a simple premise; that all people deserve the same rights and opportunities. We recognized that, in this regard, the existing support structure was letting us down and could be dramatically improved. We could no longer accept segregated sheltered workshops, sub-minimum wage employment, a nearly universal lack of representation, or societal stigmas baked into the service model.    

We didn’t necessarily know how to improve our community, but we were desperate enough for change to give it a try. 

So, we set about building an alternative service model that was based in the equity that all individuals should demand. Providing holistic, one-on-one support, where job coaches, evaluators, trainers, and developers work collaboratively with individuals to create and follow customized plans for growth. These plans include pre-employment training, career consultation, professional placement assistance, on-the-job training, and resource development. More importantly, no one is left out or deemed unemployable and every person we serve is the leader of their own process.  

Our long-term vision builds on these ideals and takes a universal view. We want to help create a world where full inclusion, diversity, and opportunity parity are the norm. We believe disability rights are civil rights, and that true equity is achievable and must be achieved. Our mission is to be a rather loud, rather persistent, slightly cantankerous but ever optimistic voice of that belief.  

Thank you for reading and we very much look forward to collaborating with you soon! 


-The Progressive Abilities Support Services Team 

What We Believe


Presuming competency in others is the foundation for equity.
In the Platinum Rule: Treat others the way they have expressed they would like to be treated.
We don't know half of anything yet.
All people deserve the same rights and opportunities.
Segregation, in all forms, is wrong.
People do not lack ability. They lack opportunity. Opportunities are the great equalizer.
In the mantra: nothing about us, without us.
Societal stigmas are disabling
Disability rights are civil rights.
Hope is our superpower. Positivity is our tool to fight for change. Optimism sustains the fight.
In the dignity of risk. We all deserve the opportunity to fail and to learn from that failure.
We must look at every support offered through a very simple lens; Would I accept this for myself?

“Disability is a misnomer. People do not lack ability. They lack opportunity and access to opportunity is a basic right. By presuming competency, reducing stigmatic barriers, and connecting people to resources, opportunities become plentiful.  Equity can be achieved.”

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