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Supported Employment

The Custom Job Search. Supported Employment is designed to assist individuals to find and/or keep a job. This is achieved through the assistance of a Supported Employment Manager (job coach). Job coaches collaborate with job seekers to develop a career plan, set goals and expectations, and train on how to navigate the workforce. They also assist with career negotiation and on-the-job training.  Along the way, job coaches offer strategies for self-advocacy and building natural supports on the job and in the community.

Employment Services

Navigate the Workforce. Through the assistance of a job coach, job seekers are supported in finding desired career pathways. The job coach and job seeker work side-by-side on career development, career negotiation, accommo­dations, training, and more.

Explore Career Paths. A PAID work-based learning experience that closely resembles an internship. OJTs are devel­oped through collaboration of a job seeker, an employer, PASS, and Vocational Rehabilitation. These experiences are designed for job seekers to develop professional skills and explore career opportunities, while employ­ers are offered the opportunity to build a stronger work­ force.

On-the-Job Training (OJT)

Discovery & Customized Employment

Uncover passions and realize dreams! Certified job coaches provide customized support to identify a job seeker's interests and passions. Using this information, the job coach and job seeker build a partnership based in trust and mutual respect. This pre-employment process is called Discovery. The job coach and job seeker then work side-by-side to develop a position that meets the interests and values of the job seeker and the needs of the business community. This results in career employment.  

Pre-Placement Training

Prepare for the Workforce. A 20-hour course where job seekers will practice valuable skills such as communication, teamwork,  work ethic, and self-confidence.  Training on job search techniques such as resume building, interview preparation, and career exploration give the job seeker a competitive edge as they enter the job market.

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Employment Services

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