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In our 11-year history PASS has never raised outside funds. As we seek to significantly expand our mission and help more job seekers with disabilities, we are offering an opportunity to an initial group of patrons who share our vision to provide annual support at the following levels: 

Platinum: $25,000 

Gold: $15,000 

Silver: $10,000 

Bronze: $5,000 

  • Help youth and adult job seekers secure a livelihood and become/remain independent 

  • Enrich the lives and careers of people who are typically locked out of job opportunities 

  • Positively impact the unemployment rate in your community 

  • Provide young people with job skills and teach them to thrive and excel in the workplace 

By Supporting PASS You:

Support Our Work & Our Mission

Join PASS in helping people with disabilities achieve equity through gainful employment and career growth.

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Get Involved!

Partner with PASS

We'd love to work with you! We are always looking for new partnerships in the business community!

We achieve this through the following programs:

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For over a decade, Progressive Abilities Support Services (PASS) has worked to support thousands of individuals in Florida and Georgia with securing gainful employment, building careers, strengthening lives and communities, chasing passions and dreams, and fighting for equity. PASS serves and supports a group of individuals as diverse as our world itself.  All age groups, genders, religions, creeds, orientations, and experience levels are represented. PASS is proud to serve each individual through a customized range of services including pre-employment preparation, evaluations and discovery, career development, career coaching, resource development, and job applicant assistance programs. 

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