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Services Offered in Florida

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Pre-Employment Training Services

Building Tools for Success. Pre-Employment Training is a 20-hour course that prepares individuals for career success. Job seekers practice valuable skills such as communication, teamwork,  work ethic, and self-confidence.  Practical job search techniques such as resume building, career exploration, and interview preparation give the job seeker a competitive edge in the job market.

Career Camp

 An Exciting Look into the Future! Career camp takes place virtually during each school district's summer, fall, winter, and spring breaks. Courses can be attended in lengths of 20 or 50 hours. Camps prepare students for successful careers through entertaining instruction of skill development, self-advocacy, career exploration, work-based experiences, and many other dynamic lessons.

Employment Services

A Completely Customized Job Search. Employment services support individu­als in finding quality employment through the assistance of a job coach. The job coach can assist with career development, career negotiation, training, accommodations, and more.

Project SEARCH

It's All About Employment! Project SEARCH is an internationally recognized program creates a highly effective school-to-work bridge . Students receive invaluable experience by participating in three 10-week internship rota­tions at a host business site. Students explore various job interests and gain professional skills that lead to bigger and better career opportunities.

Vocational Evaluations

Finding the Pathway to Success. Vocational Evaluations are designed to assist an individual as they analyze workforce options. Evaluators work with job seekers to identify career objectives and accommodations that fit with a person's strengths, interests, and values.


Important Note: ALL people can work and deserve to earn competitive wages. Our evaluations reflect this fact.

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