• Leslie Kate Thornton

You Have a Choice in This World...

woman watching movie

“You have a choice in this world, I believe, about how to tell sad stories, and we made the funny choice.” – John Green

Happy Valentine’s Day! I would like to share my Valentine’s tradition with you. It’s really cheesy (literally and figuratively), but I like movies with my pizza! Yes, unicorn jammies are included too!

The movie I watch every year stays the same: The Fault in Our Stars.

You see, people with disabilities have little representation in media. When we find it, we run with it. The characters in this story don’t have disabilities, per se, they have cancer. But in our society’s thought process, they both equal a pity party. My peers find the movie sad and depressing.

This story inspires me in ways people don’t understand. I like that it’s about teenagers living their normal, crazy, sucky, lives. They just so happen to have a terrible disease. These teenagers find joy in their journey. Sadly, people often miss the message of the story because all they see is the disease.

That’s a lesson in itself. People look and listen to me, but they miss my message. They can’t get past my disability.

Please don’t just look and listen, but strive to understand with open ears and an open hearts. You don’t want to miss something you were supposed to hear.


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