Progressive Abilities Support Services has a team of dedicated job coaches that are eager to help find gainful employment. We assist individuals with disabilities throughout Florida and Georgia, matching them with our vast network of business contacts to create productive and lasting partnerships. 

Our Clients

We contract with Vocational Rehabilitation to provide job development services to any and all individuals with disabilities that are seeking employment opportunities.

Job Development


Using our unique one-on-one customized curriculum, we support our clients by providing pre-employment skills training, career opportunities, and job coaching. These services prepare our clients to enter into and maintain their place in the workforce.

Employer Benefits


We advise businesses on the numerous benefits of hiring persons with disabilities, and work to create a partnership based on the invididual abilities of our clients and the employer's needs. 

Are you employer interested in learning more about the tax credits available for businesses that hire people with barriers to employment? Click here to visit our Employer Benefit Tax Credit page.

Direct Benefits to Employers

Higher Employee Retention Rates

Studies show that individuals with disabilities stay in their jobs longer and show more loyalty to businesses than the average employee

Reduced Hiring and Training Costs

Higher retention means reduced costs associated with turnover, including recruitment, the hiring process, initial training, and ongoing training.  

Reduced Liability

Higher retention also lowers the liability a business incurs. Very simply, the more turnover a business has, the more opportunities for mistakes and accidents caused by employees who are still learning the job or have less personal loyalty to the job.  Further, studies show that individuals with disabilities are simply less likely to be part of an episode that creates liability.

Higher Employee Attendance Marks 

On top of staying in the job longer, studies also show that individuals with disabilities have fewer absences, excused and not, and get to work on time more often than the average employee.

Improved Organizational Culture

Inclusive hiring improves business culture. Employee satisfaction correlates strongly with being part of an inclusive and diverse workforce. Diversity and inclusion further the expectation that management respects various beliefs, ideas, and backgrounds.  Surveys conclusively show that employees work better under these conditions. Employee satisfaction is also the number one indicator of businesses with high retention.

Larger and More Diverse Talent Pool

There are at least four million unemployed and underemployed individuals with disabilities in America. This demographic has endless talents, values, and ideas that would improve the business world.  The business world is simply not maximizing the value of this community. This is a business advantage waiting to be noticed and utilized.

Broader Customer Base

Nearly every American is close to an individual with disabilities.  In fact, individuals with disabilities are the largest minority group in the world. It’s even fair to say that each of us will probably have a disability at some point in life. Consequently, there is no customer base more important to attract than those with disabilities and those who value their contribution.  

Increased Scheduling Flexibility

While not true in all or even most cases, some individuals that we serve are looking to access the job market on a part-time basis.  It is also true that people who have spent the most time out of the workforce have the broadest availability.  Both of these factors play a role in possibly creating an additional level of scheduling flexibility for your business.

Public Relations Opportunity

A short-term benefit of hiring individuals with disabilities is that not every business fully understands the benefits yet.  As long as fewer than 100% of businesses and the community as a whole understand the value of inclusive hiring, your business will have a tactical advantage as well as a business value to highlight and market.


Valuable Tax Credit

A final short-term benefit is the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, a credit that will save your business money.  It can be used during the 1st year for any qualified employee (please see our tax credit page for more info).


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