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Progressive Abilities Support Services works with individuals with disabilities who have registered with their state's Vocational Rehabilitation program and are looking for a little bit of extra help obtaining employment. We provide a one-on-one individualized supported employment program that includes pre-employment training, career consultation, placement assistance, on-the-job training and follow-along support, among other services.


Progressive Abilities Support Services (PASS) is a not-for-profit agency that was founded in 2011. We currently have multiple offices located in Florida and Georgia.  


Jim Atkinson, the CEO and founder of Progressive Abilities Support Services believes that “all individuals have the basic right to independence and that by connecting individuals with jobs where they will thrive, long term stability and independence will follow.”


These are not just words to Jim, or anyone who gives their time and care to PASS everyday. We spend every working hour making sure that these words are the basis of everything we do, every decision we make, and every person we serve.

One of our areas of expertise is working with younger “transition” students who are often seeking their first job after high school. As part of this focus, PASS is working with local Vocational Rehabilitation offices to implement new training curriculums, training sites, and employment opportunities for this population, to aid in the transition process.
In addition to working with individuals, we work with employers in the communities we serve to educate them about the benefits of hiring someone with disabilities, including reduced hiring and training costs, higher retention rates, higher attendance marks, increased scheduling flexibility, and valuable tax credits, just to name a few. 


We encourage you to browse our website to learn more. 

Interested in employment with PASS?

We are always looking for people who have a passion for helping others achieve success and independence. If you are interested in a career with Progressive Abilities Support Services, learn more about the current openings and the job requirements by clicking here. 


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